Sunday, August 28, 2011

Britt in the Dominican Republic: A New Frontier

I was in the Dominican Republic earlier this month to watch the “birth” of our newest arrivals – six new stores in three airports. The DR, which shares half the island of Hispaniola with Haiti, is the Caribbean’s largest tourism destination. Our grand openings were a great success!
Britt Shop is now part of the mix in the International Airport of the Americas in the capital city of Santo Domingo and in the airports of SamanĂ¡, and Puerto Plata, two tourism hot spots.

Our start-up team included coworkers from Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru and Chile. Just seeing the impression they made on their new Dominican counterparts affirmed for me what a privilege it is to lead such a competent, creative, committed and ethical group of people.
Every time I speak with someone new at Britt, I go away with the feeling that we’re doing something very right. It’s gratifying to see young people in our home country drawn to Britt for its reputation, for the quality of our gourmet coffee and chocolates, for the innovation that characterizes our gift shops, and for the authenticity of our actions. This is the case because we love our jobs! But to go to another country and see people of another culture, even one as joyful, fun and marvelously friendly as the Dominican culture, so impressed with the caliber of our coworkers and so immersed in the “Britt Enthusiasm”– it’s one of the things I like best about my job.
That’s when a job stops being a job and becomes an adventure. It becomes a cultural awakening through the life stories of artisans and workers. It’s present in variations of the Spanish language, when familiar words and phrases have meanings that are totally different from the way they are used in my own country. The adventure extends to exquisite chocolates, traditional sweets, Latin music that includes merengue, bachata, salsa and other Caribbean rhythms. After a “job” like this, my life becomes richer.
And that’s what I want to share with you, faithful customers. You’re the ones who visit our website:, and experience the quality of our customer service, coffee and chocolates. That’s why I want you to know about another side of Britt culture – the adventurous side. It’s what motivates us to venture into other countries to open gift shops and share the same values that you receive from us on your doorsteps, together with your orders of gourmet coffee and chocolates. It’s an enterprising, service culture that encourages everyone to give the best of him or herself for the common good.
A lot of turbulence is shaking the world right now. The markets and prices are intensely volatile amid financial crisis and global uncertainty. We’re immersed in this tumultuous climate, yet we keep growing thanks to the honest, arduous and ceaseless efforts of a group of people who view their jobs as an opportunity to create, support, change and improve. Their aspirations raise the spirit and foster a very unique business culture that inspires the new employees as they become part of the Britt family.
Together we work to improve our surroundings and contribute to society. I’m convinced that we’re contributing greatly to everyone who receives our products and services or who is otherwise involved with our organization. Because Britt is a young, modern and agile company that isn’t deterred by obstacles. With enthusiasm and teamwork, we create projects that improve the economies of our countries. Today, we’re very happy to say that that includes the Dominican Republic. Could that be part of what “Social Responsibility” is all about?
Saludos cordiales,

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